Logo design

Logo design for Bodza Studio, a jewellery designer aiming for feminine, modern, minimalistic style.

Logo design for a team of creative professionals aiming to create a game developer company while working on side projects for the Unreal Marketplace and outsourced jobs. Their core values are playful creativity and professional attitude.

Logo design for a small, independent theater group that is invited to perform all over the country, mostly lighthearted comedy, operettas and children’s shows.

Logo design for a new technology forward gaming studio that specializes in blockchain games. Their audience is the wider gaming community with an emphasis on lean towards more tech-savvy.

Logo design for a independent horror game played on the island of dolls, where the hand reaches for the full moon, but also maybe the eye of a doll.

Logo design for a Flightsim Discord Group called “Bush Pilots” for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Using the same logo in their YT Thumbnail images and videos too.


Rediscovering the joy of an old fascination with vector animations. Rive is new app designed to animate interactive vector graphics. Their plan to integrate it directly into Unreal engine encouraged me to learn its unusual approach to interactivity and animation blending of vector animations they call State Machine. 


Below animation samples are interactive, try to hover the mouse and click each animation.

Game UI design

UI design for the vertical slice of an Adventure Detective game set in the 1930’s in a bit of Film Noir style, with Cthulhu mythology in its background.

UI design for an early access Visual Novel set in sit-com style. The art director wanted a modern, minimalistic design that allows the high quality 3D rendered graphic to speak for themselves.


This is a work in progress non-profit project for a dear friend, we would like to create tutorial videos and projects, a website and social media posts related to typography and relevant tools. He has decades of experience with teaching Photshop and Illustrator, Indesign offline. We would like to move his work online.

Social Marketing Images

My job at Neocoregames was to work on the layout and typography, sometimes capturing screenshots from the games, sometimes using concept art or game art.

Recently we created a few video thumbnails and social media posts for my partner’s youtube channel:

My tiniest project:
Emoji designs for a Flightsim Discord Group


These days I am mostly using WordPress and Elementor to create websites. My hosting partner makes sure the plugins are up to date and the sites run smoothly and without issues.


Logo and webdesign for a web store for my friend’s hand made glass jewelleries. She wanted a website that displays her unique jewellery pieces in a personal way. We created  a thorough filtering system that feels almost like a game, displaying the diverse range of her beautiful jewellery. I created and developed the site using Illustrator, Photoshop, WordPress and Elementor.

Tamás láng andrea

Webdesign for a Psychologist friend using a drawing we drew together with her daughter a few years back. We aimed for a light hearted, trustworthy and serene mood. Tools used: Photoshop, WordPress and Elementor.

Pódium színház

The client needed a low budget, simple solution for their website, and we ended up using WordPress and Elementor for displaying the type of performances listed under three categories for this site.

Baptist Diaconal Centre and Subsidiaries

Webdesign for a Baptist Center with several Baptist Institutions. The site is currently inactive, they are still uploading content.

  • various subpages with consistent design
  • differences indicated with distinct colors

Screen capture and video editing

These are hobby projects from a few years back: screen capture with an xbox controller from the VR world of Secondlife, editing in Adobe Premiere. Far from  professional, as these are my first works in this field, but I enjoyed working on these.

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