About me

A freelancer graphic, web, logo and ui designer delving deeper into motion, game ui design and some coding.  I love working with images and fonts, colors, shapes and layouts. I also love music and dancing, the contrast of subtle and dynamic movements and playful, elegant solutions. I enjoy the imperfections of the grunge style, the flow of organic curves, but also enjoy the clarity of geometric, minimalistic designs.


My father was a painter, my mother a tailor and fashion designer. While growing up I was surrounded by my father’s artistry and my mother’s feminine approach to style. My older brother influenced my interest in science-fiction and I also grew to like fantasy and role-playing games.

Roleplaying Games

After graduating from a bilingual school, I opened a little roleplaying game store in my mother's fashion store when I was twenty.

Webdesign, Game Localization, Testing

I learned magazine design and worked as a webdesigner for a few years, but raising the twins it turned out it is better if I work from home. I joined Fontoló, a small team working in the game localization industry and I helped with the coordination and dtp tasks of localizing games and game manuals.

Project Management in Spain and Ireland

The experience in localization led us to opportunities in Spain and Ireland. Two amazing countries that are so different and so beautiful in their own right. With steady income and talented colleagues, the two beautiful countries had huge impact on us, but I was also happy to come back home, rejoining old friends and try myelf in new areas.

E-Learning and Graphic Design

Moving back to Hungary I worked in e-learning for a few years and then worked as a marketing graphic designer for a Hungarian game developer team. An amazing team, but I grew too comfortable and after 9 years I decided to step out of my comfort zone and started freelancing.

A taste of Film Production

As productions mounted in Hungary, I decided to stand up from behind the desk and attended film related courses, and tried myself as a Production Assistant in several fun and exhausting productions, mostly in the role of managing extras. I also created some marketing and graphic design tasks for a Hungarian Independent movie: Random.


Working in films was an interesting experience and a fun, much needed change, but I started to miss working with type and layout, something that seems to be my returning passion. I learned that working in visual design is my most favorite way to spend time. I hope to learn and grow, and so happy to be on this path.