Pendragon RPG

(Proto) Hearldry

Personal Emblems in a fictional 5th century

From: https://www.familytreesandcrests.com/heraldry-symbols

Gold / Or

Gold traditionally symbolizes wisdom, constancy, faithfulness, glory and great generosity.


Understanding, respect, virtue

Silver / Argent

Silver represents truth, innocence, purity, sincerity and peace.


Cleanliness, wisdom, innocence, sincerity, peace and joy

Green / Vert

Green signifies that someone has loyalty in their love relationships. Other meanings include hope, joy and prosperity or abundance of riches.

Blue / Azure

Blue signifies a person’s unwavering loyalty, chastity, faith, truth and strength.

Red / Gules

Red is traditionally associated with military strength and cunning, martyr for a cause, warrior and magnanimity.

Black / Sable

Black can mean wisdom, prudence, grief or someone who’s inner beliefs and resolve remains constant.

Purple / Purpure

Purple is the color to signify royalty, regal, sovereignty, justice and temperance.