Key Questions to Ask Clients

Before designing a website

  • What is the main purpose of the website?
  • Can you describe your business and its target audience?
  • Do you have any specific goals or objectives for the website (e.g., increase sales, build brand awareness)?
  • What features and functionalities do you envision for the website (e.g., e-commerce, contact forms, user accounts)?
  • Are there any specific third-party integrations you require (e.g., payment gateways, CRM, social media)?
  • Do you have a logo and branding guidelines that should be integrated into the website design?
  • Will you provide all the content (text, images, videos) for the website, or do you need assistance with content creation?
  • Do you have any design preferences or examples of websites you like?
  • How many pages do you anticipate the website having?
  • Could you provide a rough outline of the content and structure for each page?
  • Is it important for the website to be fully responsive, adapting to various screen sizes and devices?
  • Is search engine optimization (SEO) important to you?
  • Would you like to integrate tools like Google Analytics to track website traffic and user behavior?
  • Do you have a specific launch date or timeline in mind for the project?
  • Do you have a budget range in mind for this project?
  • Are you open to discussing different pricing options based on the scope of work?

How do you plan to handle website updates and maintenance after the initial launch? May I recommend a hosting service that takes care of maintenance?

Have you considered where the website will be hosted, and do you have any specific security requirements?

  • Are there any competitors’ websites that you admire or would like to outperform?
  • What specific actions do you want users to take when they visit your website?
  • What is your preferred method of communication, and how frequently would you like project updates?
  • How do you envision the feedback and revision process?
  • Are you interested in ongoing digital marketing, content creation, or other related services?
  • Do you have any legal requirements (e.g., terms of service, privacy policy) that need to be incorporated into the website?


  • What matters to them?
  • Here is what I heard you say… is this correct?
  • Develop vocabulary together…
  • Decide -> side…. (killing off options….)
  • Make the decisions small -> break down to details with lots of questions…
  • Be transparent, earn trust (don’t be evasive…)
  • Be patient
  • Put yourself in the other person’s shoes
  • Talk about money early
  • Sync up
  • Show, don’t tell
  • Ask more questions… Why, how, what…
  • Build trust (by asking the right questions)
  • Make sure you are a good fit