Puppet Pin Tool Practice

Yesterday I finally started to get back to animating in After effects again, as browsing through medieval manuscripts in the previous weeks, I got really excited how fun it would be to animate these. Unfortunately (or naturally), my idea is not unique, I found out that there is a game in the making with similar mindset.  It is called Inkulati and looks fun.

But I would like to try my own hands with this idea too, so I started to animate something basic, like a branch with three leaves. I remembered aftereffects has some tools that help animations, so I looked up a brief tutorial and it looks really simple and easy to learn. Now the possibilities are endless.

Creating the leaves and the branch in a separate layer and using scale and rotation is fun, but the objects are still too static and a little boring. Ease in/out would help too, but looking into the puppet tool helped.

Curiosity made me experiment randomly with the freshly learnt puppet pin, but I am realizing that this all needs a little more planning to make it look less chaotic.

 Until i get more comfortable with the tools and processes, I will work on an even simpler project and get back to perfecting this one within a few days.