Üstönfüst Mesék

Musings on AI and Webweaving

In a cozy cottage nestled amidst the whispering trees and hushed secrets of the forest, two witches sat by the fire, their eyes flickering like the flames. One had a shock of silver hair and a mischievous glint in her eyes, while the other had an air of quiet wisdom and wore a shawl woven from starlight.

“Did you hear, dear friend,” the silver-haired witch began, her voice like the rustling leaves, “they’ve woven spells of intelligence into their machines. Artificial, they call it. As if intelligence could ever be anything but natural.”

The wise witch nodded, her gaze fixed on the embers. “Aye, the humans have woven their webs of code, creating creatures of ones and zeroes that can think and learn. It’s a dance of magic and metal, much like our own crafts.”

“They say these creatures can even design their own webs, these websites,” the silver-haired witch mused, her fingers tracing patterns in the air. “A bit like summoning spirits to craft their own spells, don’t you think?”

“Indeed,” the wise witch replied with a smile. “But remember, my friend, a web without a weaver’s touch lacks the soul that we infuse into our charms and brews.”

“The humans think they can create what we’ve always known,” the silver-haired witch said, her voice tinged with a hint of amusement. “But can a machine truly understand the ebb and flow of a user’s desires, the way a potion understands the heart’s yearning?”

“Ah, there’s the crux,” the wise witch murmured, her eyes distant as if gazing into the threads of fate. “Machines lack the whispers of intuition, the secrets shared between kindred spirits. Theirs is a logic born of cold calculations, not the warmth of empathy.”

They sat in silence for a while, the crackling fire the only sound in the room. Then, the silver-haired witch chuckled softly. “Imagine, if you will, an AI designing a spellbook, each page a tapestry of algorithms and enchantments. It might summon frogs instead of rain, or turn pumpkins into pixels.”

The wise witch laughed, her laughter echoing like wind chimes in a forgotten glade. “And a web designed by such an AI might bewitch with its precision, yet lack the twinkle of a sprite’s mischief. For magic is not merely the spell, but the intent behind it.”

“True,” the silver-haired witch agreed, her eyes twinkling like stars in the night sky. “But let them weave their webs and conjure their codes. In the end, our old spells and timeless wisdom shall remain, a beacon of magic that even the most advanced AI cannot replicate.”



  • Prompts worded by Cseperke Papp.
  • Illustrations created by Midjourney: With influence by Miro, Klee, A. A. Milne and Exupery or Harry Clarke.
  • Text generated by ChatGPT.