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Logo Design

Estimated Time
Tools, Meetings
Understanding the Brief
Begin by gathering information about the client’s business or organization. Understand their values, target audience, industry, competition, and any specific requirements they may have for the logo. This helps to establish a clear direction for the design.
1-2 weeks
Online Questionnaire
Face to face
Conduct research on the industry, competitors, and current design trends. Identify successful logos in the same industry and analyze what makes them effective. This research will inspire ideas and ensure my design is unique and appropriate.
1-2 weeks
Internet, Miro board, Pinterest or similar
Shared files
Brainstorming and Sketching
Start generating ideas through brainstorming sessions. Sketch rough concepts on paper or using design software. At this stage, quantity matters more than quality, as we want to explore a wide range of possibilities.
1-2 weeks (usually overlaps with earlier phases)
Paper, Adobe Illustrator, AI generator
Review your sketches and select a few promising concepts that align with the client’s brief. Think about how these concepts reflect the company’s values and resonate with the target audience.
1-2 days
Miro board or similar
Digital Drafting
Begin the transition from hand-drawn sketches to digital format using graphic design software like Adobe Illustrator or similar tools. Create basic versions of your selected logo concepts.
1 week
Adobe Illustrator
Work on refining the selected concepts, focusing on the overall composition, typography, color scheme, and any visual elements. Pay attention to scalability, as logos should look good at various sizes, from a tiny favicon to a large billboard.
1 week
Adobe Illustrator
Feedback and Iteration
Share the refined logo concepts with the client and gather their feedback. Listen to their input and revise the designs as needed. This process may involve several rounds of revisions to achieve the desired result.
1-2 weeks
Miro board or similar
Shared files + Face to face
Color Selection
Choose a color palette that complements the logo’s design and represents the brand’s personality. Consider the psychology of colors and their potential impact on the target audience.
1-2 weeks
Color palette applications, Adobe Illustrator, Online Questionnaire
Select appropriate fonts that convey the right tone and style for the brand. Make sure the typography is legible and works well in different sizes and formats.
1-2 weeks
FontBase, Adobe Illustrator and/or Adobe Indesign
Once the client is satisfied with the design, finalize the logo in various formats and sizes suitable for different applications, such as print, web, social media, etc.
1 week
Adobe Illustrator
Logo Guidelines
Create a style guide or brand guidelines that document how the logo should be used, specifying clear rules about size, spacing, color variations, and other considerations to maintain consistency.
1 week
Adobe Indesign, Illustrator and Photoshop
Present the final logo along with the brand guidelines to the client, providing instructions on how to use the logo correctly.
1 day
Printed or Presentation if in RL
Face to Face meeting

Identity Design

Heading #1
Heading #2
Heading #3
Discovery and Research Phase
Gathering information about the client’s brand, target audience, competitors, and overall vision.
1-2 weeks